Buying Mystery HOLIDAY Items Based Only on Reviews!?!

We’re back and we’re buying mystery HOLIDAY items based only on reviews! Which of these items would you want under your Christmas tree?! Next, watch our ultimate Holiday gift guide for 2022! ►► h
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What We Tried!

ROUND 1: Christmas Turkey Hat:

ROUND 2: Reindeer Onesie:

ROUND 3: Hello Kitty & Friends Beanie & Mittens:

ROUND 4: Christmas Lingerie:

ROUND 5: Gingerbread Cardigan:

ROUND 6: SKIMS Cozy Knit Pant:

ROUND 7: Christmas Tree Earrings:

ROUND 8: 2 Person Sweater:

ROUND 9: Dog Bandana Set:

ROUND 10: Snowman Costume:

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Buying Mystery #Christmas #Gifts Based Only on #Reviews!

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