Following the money behind Premier League betting sponsors | FT Film

The FT investigates the mystery owners behind gambling brands that sponsor top flight football clubs, uncovering a global network of shell companies and ‘front’ organisations.

Reported, produced, filmed and edited by James Sandy and Taro Yokosawa; Additional reporting by Cynthia O’Murchu, Oliver Barnes, Primrose Riordan, Chan Ho-Him and Yuan Yang; Additional filming by Adam Marsh, James Goldman, Tom Griggs, Elinor Bagnall and Petros Gioumpasis; Additional editing by Richard Topping; Motion Graphics by Russell Birkett and Richard Topping; Commissioning Editor Veronica Kan-Dapaah; Executive Producers Joe Sinclair, Cynthia O’Murchu and Paul Murphy; Colourist Susumu Asano; Dubbing Mixer Matt Jones

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