Have Turkey’s building designs impacted the earthquake death toll? – BBC Newsnight

As the consequences of the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have become clear, attention has turned to why the impact has been so great. 
For example, a 2014 quake just off the coast of Chile – slightly larger at a magnitude of 8.2 – resulted in just 7 fatalities. 
Anger is growing in Turkey that poor enforcement of regulations contributed to the collapse of many buildings in the recent earthquakes.
The BBC has verified examples of recently built blocks that collapsed in the latest disaster.
One in Malatya was finished last year. Screenshots circulating on social media showed an advert saying it was “completed in compliance with the latest earthquake regulations.”
Newsnight’s Science and Technology Correspondent Kate Lamble looks at the country’s history of earthquake-resistant building and the lessons it has learnt from previous quakes.
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