How 21 Of The World’s Most Skilled Workers Do Their Jobs | Anthologies | Insider Business

Humans are truly remarkable in their ability to learn and develop skills.

Through their tireless dedication they have been able to achieve incredible feats that were once thought impossible.

From hand weaving fibers that are only 4 microns thick, and knowing exactly how to straighten tailoring scissors purely by the feel, to being able to safely butcher one of the deadliest fish in the world.

We traveled Earth to showcase some of the most talented artisans, masters, and craftspeople, and explore the stories behind their incredible skills.

These stories are taken from So Expensive, Big Batches and Regional Eats.

00:00 – Intro
00:34 – Japanese knife maker
4:32 – Tailoring scissors putter-together
6:52 – Lotus silk maker
10:35 – Rolls Royce coachliner
12:14 – Tiger fugu chef
14:50 – Oboe finisher
16:15 – Calligraphy brush maker
22:09 – London shoe maker
28:05 – Bonsai master
30:43 – Kolinsky sable brush maker
35:40 – Persian rug maker
38:39 – Calligraphy ink maker
42:18 – Pearl extractor
49:05 – Gong maker
52:26 – Longbow maker
57:08 – Damascus knife maker
1:02:46 – Japanese sword maker
1:05:50 – Icelandic fermented shark
1:11:30 – New York bagel roller
1:14:16 – French baguette chef
1:28:44 – French butter maker

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How 21 Of The World’s Most Skilled Workers Do Their Jobs | Anthologies | Insider Business

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