How Africa’s First Caviar Won Over Michelin-Starred Restaurants In Europe | Big Business

In 2009, French entrepreneurs took a massive gamble: building a luxury industry in one of the world’s poorest countries. Before Acipenser, no companies had successfully farmed caviar in Africa. Today, its caviar is served in Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe. How did they get customers from around the world to take a chance on African caviar? And why is it so expensive to raise sturgeon for “black gold”?

00:00 – Intro
01:08 – How they raise thousands of fish
04:00 – Why it costs over $130,000 a month to feed sturgeon
09:17 – How they remove caviar from sturgeon
11:45 – Why China’s caviar farms dominate the market
12:44 – Inside a Michelin-starred restaurant serving Rova caviar
14:18 – How they’ve invested back into Madagascar
15:56 – Credits

Thank you to Acipenser:

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How Africa’s First Caviar Won Over Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Europe | Big Business

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