How did one of Britain’s worst sex offenders work in the Met Police? – BBC Newsnight

One of Britain’s worst sex offenders turns out to have been a serving Metropolitan police officer. David Carrick was an armed constable, and guarded government buildings and the houses of parliament.

He admitted 49 offences, including 24 rapes – the first right at the start of his policing career twenty years ago. He was in coercive and controlling relationships with 3 of the women. He regularly locked one woman in a small downstairs cupboard at his home.

Yesterday, Scotland Yard said it is investigating around 1,000 allegations of sexual and domestic abuse offences involving around 800 of its own officers. The police knew about Carrick’s predatory behaviour, even nicknaming him ‘Bastard Dave’. So how was he not stopped? What is it about the toxic culture in areas of the police that contributed to him getting away with it for so long?

Sima Kotecha reports

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