Manufacturing in America, post-globalisation| FT Film

The FT’s global business columnist Rana Foroohar looks at why the US should bring manufacturing jobs back home. In the second of three films based on her new book, ‘Homecoming: the path to prosperity in a post-global world’, she follows the all-American supply chain of clothing company American Giant, to see how it impacts jobs, businesses and communities

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00:00 Made in America, Again
01:20 An all-American supply chain starts here
03:17 What went wrong with globalisation?
07:00 The cotton gin – a risky business
09:53 Automation at a high-tech mill
13:16 Why manufacturing is important
19:59 The family-run finishing factory
23:21 Worker innovation at the sewing factory
27:33 Education, training and community
29:07 A moment for change?

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