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We make nearly 2 billion tires every year, while old ones continue to pile up. They can act as breeding grounds for mosquitoes and cause hard-to-put-out fires. Some countries recycle a majority of them, and one Nigerian entrepreneur is aiming to get hers to do the same.

0:00 – Intro
1:06 – Roadside Tire Collectors
1:46 – A New Nigerian Tire Recycler
2:45 – History of Rubber
3:44 – Waste Tires and Fires
4:28 – US Tire Recycling
4:41 – Tire Recycling Process
5:54 – Making Rubber Bricks
7:24 – A $12 Billion Recycling Industry
8:16 – From Waste Tires to Playgrounds
8:50 – Family and Future

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One Nigerian Entrepreneur’s Solution For Millions of Old Tires

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